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There are several benefits to buying property. Financially, it allows you to build capital and set fixed monthly payments. On a more personal level, you’ll finally get to enjoy a home that you can call your own, adapted to your personal desires.

Before you initiate your search, it’s important to determine your basic needs, in relation to your tastes and lifestyles. This will help you establish a list of priorities to help you plan your budget – which, in turn, will help you choose an appropriate mortgage loan and get the pre-authorization you need.

A real estate purchase is a wise investment, both financially and personally.

Don’t hesitate and put your trust in Team Loiselle to find the property that’s right for you.

Why buy with a broker?

Buying a new property will most likely be the biggest investment you’ll ever make, and there are lots of things to consider and details to manage. It may seem like a humongous task – which is why it’s essential to get proper assistance from a real estate broker.

As a neutral party, your broker can guide you through each step of the purchasing process, reminding you about your priorities and pointing out everything you need to know before making a decision.

In addition to being an excellent advisor, your broker will serve as a savvy negotiator when the time comes. Using their vast network of contacts (financial planners, building inspectors, notaries, etc.), brokers can refer you to the right people based on your requirements and whatever needs arise during the transaction. In addition, dealing with a broker will also protect you and help guarantee fair and equitable treatment for all concerned, as required by law.

In short, your real estate broker is your peace of mind. Contact us today !


Mortgage payments calculator

Calculate your mortgage payments and learn how to save thousands of dollars in interest costs by repaying your mortgage faster!


*Results for illustrative purposes only.
*Rates are compounded semi-annually.

Calculation of the transfer tax

The calculation of the transfer tax is based on the highest price between the municipal evaluation and the purchase price.
The calculation is as follow:
0.5% on the amount up to 50 000$ plus
1.0% on the amount beetween 50 001$ and 250 000$

For the Province of Quebec (outside of Montreal):
add 1.5% on the amount exceeding 250 001$

For the City of Montreal:
add 1.5% on the amount from 250 001$ to 500 000$,
add 2% on the amount from 500 001$ to 1 000 000$
and 2.5% on the amount exceeding 1 000 001$


Total: 0 $

*Results for illustrative purposes only.
*It is possible that the actual amount differ from the one shown here.